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Moshe Castel
Moshe Elazar Castel born in Jerusalem in 1909, to his
father Rabbi Yehuda Castel and his mother Rachel.
Descendant of a Spanish family which came from Castiie
to establish themselves in Israel in 1492.
The family lived for many generations in Hebron. His father
Rabbi Yehuda Castel who was born in Hebron was a scholar and outstanding Herbalist, wrote parchment and Torah scrolls.
He arrived in Paris in 1927 with the help of his brother Yosef.
Attended the Academie Julien and studied at the Louvre Museum.
After 13 years of work in Paris, he returned to Israel in 1940, settled in
Safed a medieval town of Zohar and Kaballa.
He is awarded in 1946 the Dizengoff Prize on behalf of the Tel-Aviv Municipality.
In 1947, he initiates and founds, together with other painters and sculptors the
group "New Horizons" ("Offakim Hadashim").In 1959, he came to Paris, acquired a studio in Montparnasse where he spends a few months every year.
He awarded prize "Premier do Estado" at the Sao Paulo Biennale, Brazil.
1928/40 Participates in individual and group exhibitions in well known galleries and "salons" in Paris.
1955 Exhibition on the entire top floor of the Tel Aviv Museum. This was the first exhibition of abstract art in Israel Mural painting (9 x 4 m) for Hotel Accadia. Israel Mural painting for "El Al" offices at Rockefeller Center, New York.
1958 Mural glass painting "Face to the Future" (18x3.5 m) at the National Convention Center. Jerusalem.
1966 Executed a large basalt mural painting "Glory to Jerusalem" (7 x 3 m) for the Knesset (Israel Parliament) in Jerusalem.
1970/71 Executes two large basalt mural-paintings for the ceremonial hall of the Presidential Mansion in Jerusalem. "Wall of Glory to Jerusalem" and Golden Scroll".
1984 "Portrait of an artists" Moshe Castel - Israel Film Service producer.
1984/85 Years of Creativity: 1924-1984 - Jubilee Exhibition at the Knesset the House of Parliament, in Jerusalem.
1989 Opening Exhibition of Beer-Sheva Museum of Israeli Art.
1987 Yurek Gallery, Ramat Hasharon Dania Art Gallery, Haifa

Works in public collections

The Museum of Modern Art, New York
The Tate Gallery, London
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
The Jewish Museum, New York
The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston-Texas
Phoenix Art Museum, Arizona
Art Museum Berkeley University, California
Brandeis University, Boston
Smith College Museum, Northampton, Mass
Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University
Wadsworth Athenaeum, Art Museum, Conn
The High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia
Baltimore Museum of Art
John Hopkins University, Baltimore
American Public Insurance Company, Des Moines
The Knesset House of Parliament, Jerusalem
The Brooklyn Museum of Art
Fairleigh Dickinson Fine Arts Museum, NJ
U.S. Steel, Pittsburg
Rehovot House of Sir Isaac and Lady Edith
Wolfson at the Weizman Institute
Temple B'nai Shalom, Rockville Center, New York
Temple Emanu-El, Providence, Rhode Island
San Francisco Museum of Art
The Dropsie College, Philadelphia
Albright Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York
Temple Beth-El of Great Neck, New York
Museum of the Vatican, Rome
The presidential Mansion, Jerusalem.

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